Why is retrofitting with change plate practical?

23. January 2019 at 15:28

Change plate systemIn some vehicle models, we also offer a practical system with removable disk in addition to a rigid or detachable trailer hitch . But what are the benefits for you and why is it advisable for some vehicles to opt for a system with a change plate?

We always offer the replaceable plate system when the function and consequently also the use of the vehicle can be well supplemented by a jaw clutch. For example, with very powerful vehicles, as they are often used in forestry. Here are certainly the current pick up models, such as the Renault Alaskan and the Nissan Navara, to be named. In agriculture, these cars are often used. The trailers, which are used in the work in forestry and agriculture, usually have no ball coupling as you know them from the popular trailers. Instead, you have to work with a jaw or a bolt coupling. With a removable change plate system, this is easily possible. Because you have two plates, each holding a different trailer hitch for you. So you can of course on the one hand, rely on a normal rigid trailer hitch. On the other hand, there is also a plate, which is provided with a mouth clutch. You can then use these for the foot or bolt coupling of the trailer.

If you want to switch between the plates, this is of course easily possible. You just have to pull a lever forward and then you can turn off your removable disk. Also, the assembly of the new plate is literally done in a jiffy, but you turn the plate simply on the base plate until the lever engages. The operation of the system with removable disk you can also look at the video once.


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