Detachable towbar for Dacia Jogger

3. Januar 2023 um 12:19

Dacia Jogger

The Dacia Jogger inspires as the latest compact model and offers plenty of space for children and cones. So that the Jogger can also be used for driving with the trailer, a suitable trailer hitch is a must-have.

We have now developed the right towbar for the new Dacia model: Our trailer hitch can be easily retrofitted and is equipped with the MVG 2040 automatic system. This is operated using a rotary wheel, the handling is done in a few simple steps. The detachable trailer hitch also does not interfere with the look of the new Dacia.

The benefits of the detachable towbar for Dacia Jogger 04/2022 model

  • vertically detachable towbar, MVG towbar 2040 
  • No visible cut-out required 
  • automatic system removal by twist grip
  • automatic locking device when fitting

Technical data for detachable towbar

  • D-value: 7,5 kN
  • Towing capacity: 1284 kg
  • Trailer load: 90 kg

The detachable towbar for your Dacia Jogger 04/2022 model can be found in our MVG-shop. The item number is 0985 AS.


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Donation handover to the Eschweiler Tafel e.V.

12. Dezember 2022 um 10:50

MVG Spende Eschweiler TafelAs in previous years, we are also making a social contribution this year and are committed to a good cause locally. A few days ago we handed over this year’s donation to the Eschweiler Tafel e.V. and are happy to be able to support the work of the Eschweiler Tafel directly on site. When we got to know each other on site, we were able to get an impression of the work of the Eschweiler Tafel e.V. and were warmly welcomed and shown around by the first chairwoman, Mrs. Schmaling, and the second chairman, Mr. Lamour.

The Eschweiler Tafel e.V. is one of 930 food banks nationwide that are committed to helping the socially and economically disadvantaged and providing them with food. Mrs. Schmaling, as the first chairwoman of the association, says: „We are dependent on donations for our work, both food and financial donations. We are particularly pleased about the donation from MVG.“

The work of the Eschweiler Tafel e.V. on site

MVG Spende Eschweiler TafelThe Eschweiler Tafel e.V. collects food donations for the needy and passes them on directly in their local offices. The Tafel is currently open three days a week and looks after at least 400 recipients on these days. „We have a check card system, an individual can be registered on a check card, or even whole families,“ explains Karin Schmaling as the first chairwoman. In order to get a card, the recipients have to prove their need and then receive heavily discounted groceries. Above all, people with low incomes or pensioners benefit from this, as do refugees or homeless people.

To collect the groceries, several drivers are constantly on duty and bring goods to the Eschweiler Tafel up to three times a day. The food is then sorted on site and made available to customers. The employees of the Eschweiler Tafel e.V. are all volunteers, Mrs. Schmaling says: „We have enough employees to provide a team every day, unfortunately there is currently a lack of goods.“ The commitment of the employees is remarkable and goes beyond the work on the premises of the Tafel. The employees of the Tafel worked tirelessly even after the floods in the summer of 2021, which severely affected the city of Eschweiler: „We distributed the food on the street in the affected areas immediately after the floods to help and reach as many people as possible.“MVG Spende Eschweiler Tafel

The demand at the Eschweiler Tafel e.V. is high, so the Tafel could even open five days a week. The problem: „We don’t have enough food donations, so unfortunately we can only open on three days at the moment,“ regrets Schmaling. The groceries are donated by local supermarkets, wholesale markets and shops, private individuals often drop off goods as well.

Would you like to learn more about the work of the Eschweiler Tafel e.V. or even get involved yourself? Find out more on the association’s website (in German).

Detachable towbar for Renault Arkana

24. November 2022 um 10:35

Renault Arkana

The Renault Arkana is a new addition to the Renault range as a modern SUV. With the right trailer hitch, the newest Renault also becomes a reliable towing vehicle for your journey with the trailer.

With us you will find the right trailer hitch to retrofit the Arkana easily. Our towbar is equipped with the MVG automatic system 2040 and is detachable. The detachable towbar is operated via a rotary wheel, the trailer hitch does not interfere with the look of the Renault. The ball rod can be dismantled and reassembled in just a few simple steps.


The benefits of the detachable towbar for Renault Mégane Arkana 2021 model

  • vertically detachable towbar, MVG towbar 2040 
  • No visible cut-out required 
  • automatic system removal by twist grip
  • automatic locking device when fitting

Technical data for detachable towbar

  • D-value: 8,8 kN
  • Towing capacity: 1653 kg
  • Trailer load: 100 kg

The detachable towbar for your Renault Arkana 2021 model can be found in our MVG-shop. The item number is 0983 A.


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Camping with caravans in Germany – pay attention to these points

14. Oktober 2022 um 13:52

CaravanCamping with a caravan is becoming increasingly popular, as is traveling in your own country. But what is actually important and allowed, what should you pay attention to when camping with a caravan in Germany?

Where camping with caravans is allowed in Germany

Camping is of course always allowed on campsites in Germany. These are often highly sought after and fully booked weeks in advance, especially during the travel season and during the holidays. So if you are planning a tour, then find out early on whether there is still a parking space available for you at the campsite of your choice. You can also stay overnight outside of campsites, but this is not allowed everywhere and sometimes only allowed to a limited extent. On streets and parking lots, for example, it is permitted with restrictions for one night, provided that the overnight stay serves to restore the ability to drive. Real camping is not allowed. Be sure to pay attention to regional and local differences and restrictions, and above all to nature conservation, forest and dike laws. Staying overnight on streets and parking lots in Germany is prohibited for several nights. Overnight stays on private property are also permitted to a limited extent, here too it is important to pay attention to regional regulations and laws on nature conservation, etc. You can sometimes even camp for several nights on private property, this is permitted with restrictions and follows the same rules as camping for one night on private property.

The dimensions of your team of vehicle and caravan

In addition to the permissible total mass of the vehicle combination, the dimensions are also very important when driving with a caravan. Vehicles that exceed this require a special permit for their journey, which can usually be obtained from the local district and road traffic offices. A few safety measures are also required for the teams, so you have to pay attention to additional lights or mirrors, for example. However, this is not regulated nationally, but at the discretion of the responsible authorities, who also issue the special permits.

For the dimensions, however, the values ​​are fixed: Your vehicle without a trailer must not exceed a maximum width of 2.55 meters. The same applies to the caravan with drawbar. Both must also comply with a length of 12 meters. The width of the entire team is then not surprising, this may also be a maximum of 2.55 meters. The length, on the other hand, is set at 18 meters, so that neither your vehicle nor the mobile home can use the full permitted length.

Check list before driving

So before you set off with your team and explore the many beautiful corners of Germany, you should whip your team into shape. Do you have everything you could need for your trailer hitch? Are the spare keys for the detachable towbar packed? Is the tire pressure correct on the towing vehicle as well as on the trailer? Also think of your wheel chocks and, depending on the width, also of the additional mirrors for your vehicle. How about the additional power supply, so that your fridge in the caravan is supplied with power while driving? Depending on the team, there are certainly individual points that you should check a few days before departure. This leaves you enough time to organize everything in case of doubt.

Our new MVG shop for Luxembourg

15. September 2022 um 16:56

Shop LuxembourgBonjour Luxembourg! We are particularly pleased to present our new shop to you today: You can now find our shop for customers from Luxembourg at In our new shop we offer you our towbars and electrical kits in the usual MVG quality. The range is rounded off by rear bicycle carriers, as well as practical accessories and spare parts for driving with the trailer.

We are pleased to be able to intensify the existing contact to our customers from the neighboring country with our own shop for Luxembourg. The shop is available in English and French, making shopping convenient.

„With our new shop, we are now getting even closer to our customers from Luxembourg and are looking forward to hopefully even closer personal contact with our neighbors,“ says Michael Pütz, Managing Director of MVG. „Of course, our entire MVG range is also available to our Luxembourg customers in French – for an uncomplicated shopping experience at MVG.“

Uncomplicated operation is not only important to us in our shop, our trailer hitches are also characterized by a high level of ease of use and can be operated in just a few simple steps. As a family business, we are already in the third generation and are now happily facing the challenges of a new market in Luxembourg, both for end customers and for specialist dealers.

Our fixed towbar for Jeep Gladiator

3. September 2022 um 17:05

Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep Gladiator is the American manufacturer’s new pick-up and is known as a powerful towing vehicle. Of course, when driving with the trailer, the right trailer hitch for the pick-up should not be missing.

In our range we offer the matching rigid trailer hitch for the Jeep Gladiator. The towbar can also be equipped with a practical removable plate system, so that it can be switched to the open-end coupling in just a few simple steps. The system for changing the plates is operated by a lever.

Jeep Gladiator


The benefits of the change system for Jeep Gladiator

  • fixed towbar with optional exchangeable plate system
  • no visible cut-out required
  • automatic locking device when fitting
  • easy handling, plate changing is done simply by lever

Technical data for the change system for Jeep Gladiator from 2021

  • D-value: 15,8kN
  • Towing capacity: 3500 kg
  • Trailer load: 175 kg

The fixed towbar for your Jeep Gladiator from 2021 can be found in our MVG-shop. The item number is 0850 D.



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Detachable towbar for Renault Mégane Grandtour E-Tech (Hybrid)

12. August 2022 um 14:41

Renault Mégane Grandtour E-Tech (Hybrid)

The Renault Mégane Grandtour E-Tech (Hybrid) is the modern successor of the Renault Mégane Grandtour and offers a variety of options as a hybrid. The vehicle can also prove itself as a towing vehicle, provided it has the right trailer hitch.

In our range we now offer you the detachable trailer hitch for the Renault Mégane Grandtour E-Tech 2020 model. The hitch adapts well to the design of the vehicle and convinces with its excellent operation. The ball rod can be dismantled and reassembled in just a few simple steps.

Renault Mégane Sports Tourer

The benefits of the detachable towbar for Renault Mégane Sports Grandtour E-Tech (Hybrid) 2020 model

  • vertically detachable towbar, MVG towbar 2040 
  • No visible cut-out required 
  • automatic system removal by twist grip
  • automatic locking device when fitting
  • only fitting for hybrid models

Technical data for detachable towbar for Renault Mégane Sports Grandtour E-Tech (Hybrid) 2020 model

  • D-value: 10 kN
  • Towing capacity: 2120 kg
  • Trailer load: 90 kg

The detachable towbar for your Renault Mégane Grandtour E-Tech (Hybrid) 2020 model can be found in our MVG-shop. The item number is 0982 A.


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The driving license B96

19. Juli 2022 um 11:47

Driving license B96If you want to be on the road with a heavy trailer, a class B driving license is not enough. With this driver’s license, trailers are only allowed up to a permissible total mass of 750 kg. Driving a heavier trailer requires a BE driving license or a B96 driving license if, for example, you are traveling with a horse trailer or caravan.

An extension for your class B driver’s license

The B96 driving license is an extension for the class B driving license and allows you to tow heavy trailers. Since B96 is not a separate driver’s license, only theoretical and practical lessons in the driving school are required. There is no test for the B96 in Germany like there is for a class BE driving licence. The B96 extension will be noted on your driver’s license with the key number 96 after you have completed the theoretical and practical part. The extension is valid throughout the EU.

These are your options with the B96 extension

For all those who want to pull more than the class B driving license allows, the B96 extension offers more leeway. You can use it with a total mass of up to 4250 kg. It is important, however, that the total mass is decisive, i.e. the combination of towing vehicle and trailer. So if your towing vehicle weighs two tons, your trailer can still weigh 2250 kg for your journey. If this is not enough for your trailer, you would have to think about a class BE driver’s license, so the trailer alone can weigh 3500 kg as the permissible total weight.

The advantages of the extension B96

If you are thinking about whether you need the B96 extension, then the advantages are probably also important to you. Since no exam has to be taken, the extension can be obtained faster than, for example, the driving license class BE. Also, the costs are lower due to the short duration and fewer hours in the driving school. In addition, the B96 extension offers you more options for towing a trailer than your class B driver’s license.

Find out more about the different driving licenses in our blog post.

Sports trailers: Special trailers for your trailer ride

18. Juni 2022 um 15:04

TrailersDepending on the purpose for which you are traveling with a trailer, you need a special model. For example, sports trailers are a special category that you can use to transport animals, motorcycles, boats or gliders. Special provisions apply to these special trailers with regard to the intended use, license plate number or insurance.

License plate and main inspection for your trailer

While it used to be no problem if you were driving a trailer without an official license plate back in the days, today you risk a fine. Since the early 1990s, all sports trailers have had to have an official license plate and therefore also have to be regularly subjected to the main inspection, which is usually due every two years. Many sports trailers have a green license plate, this is handed out if the trailer only serves a single, specific purpose. You can probably expect a green license plate for a trailer for a glider, while a black license plate is often used for horse trailers.

Before you set off with your sports trailer, you should make sure that you have the following documents with you: On the one hand, you need the trailer operating license and, on the other hand, the test report from the general inspection. The certificate from the registration office is also important and is checked during a traffic check.

Sports trailers and their use

Most sports trailers may only be used and are only approved for their originally intended purpose. Therefore, the green license plate is usually used for these trailers. An exception can be the horse trailer, for example. You have the choice and can also use a different license plate and thus expand the use. If you rent a sports trailer from someone, then be sure to check the license plate number of the trailer before driving. If you are driving with a green license plate and misuse the trailer, then you must expect the consequences in the event of an inspection.

Also pay attention to the speed at which you are traveling. Most trailers are allowed 80 km/h on German motorways, but you can apply for a 100 km/h permit. All information about the 100 km/h sticker can be found in our blog post.

On the safe side: Liability for special trailers

If you are traveling with the trailer and it is coupled to the towing vehicle, the liability insurance of the towing vehicle will usually also cover possible damage. However, if the trailer becomes detached from the towing vehicle or, for example, moves away from its parking position or slips, then the liability insurance of the towing vehicle no longer applies. It is therefore advisable to take out special liability insurance for the trailer.

Electric cars and trailers – these are the important points

17. Mai 2022 um 10:52

electric carsWhile electric cars with trailer hitches were a rarity for a long time, there are now suitable trailer hitches for more and more electric models. These are often sold ex works, but retrofitting is of course also possible. You will also find some matching towbars in our assortment.

Less towing capacity with electric vehicles

Most electric vehicles are characterized by a lighter construction. This automatically limits the towing capacity somewhat, according to the rule of thumb that the larger and heavier a car, the more load it can pull; the reverse applies as well: the smaller and lighter a vehicle, the less it can pull.

So if you are currently thinking about buying an electric vehicle and would like to tow a trailer with it, then think about the loads in advance. There are currently few electrically powered vehicles on the market that can pull a horse trailer, for example.

The range when towing a trailer with an electric car

The additional weight that the trailer puts on the towing vehicle also increases electricity consumption – or, in the case of non-electric cars, fuel consumption. In this respect, combustion engines and e-cars are initially very similar. But the increased power consumption of electric cars means that the range is reduced and more time has to be planned for recharging. It is of course much easier with the combustion engine, since you can refuel within minutes at any time.

The extent to which the range of an electric vehicle is limited by towing a trailer depends on three factors: the weight of the trailer, the wind resistance caused by the trailer and the speed. If you tow a small trailer to transport green waste for a few kilometers, the range is not much limited, if you want to take a caravan to Italy, things are of course different and you should plan many charging breaks.

Of course, the following helps as always when you are traveling with the trailer: Driving with foresight is important and can have a positive effect on consumption – regardless of whether it is fuel or electricity.

Attention: Not all electric cars are approved for driving with the trailer

Not every e-car is allowed to pull a trailer from the manufacturer and is approved as a towing vehicle. This means that the various systems of the vehicle, such as the drive system or the thermal management, are not designed for the higher load caused by the trailer and trailer towing is therefore not possible. In most cases, these vehicles then also have no mounting points for a trailer hitch.

In isolated cases, however, it may be the case that electric vehicles are not approved for trailer operation, but have entered a vertical load. In this case, a car mount can be used to attach a rear bicycle carrier. Before you make your choice on an electric car, just find out from the manufacturer and think about the requirements you place on a vehicle for everyday use.