The warning functions of electrical kits: C2 controll lamp and warning devices

4. June 2018 at 13:45

C2 controll lampEvery obstructed electrical kit offers the opportunity of being warned in case of a dysfunction, using a C2 controll lamp or another warning device. If, for example, a flashing light is broken at the trailer, your car will behave different than usual and the indicator lamp will indicate the malfunction and give a warning. We are going to explain to you, which indications there are, how they are shown with different eletrical kits and what you have to know about indicator lamps. Of course, these functions and indications suit legal regulations, which serve your security and must be taken into consideration already during developing and conceptualising the electrical kits.

Which tasks does a C2 controll lamp have?

A C2 controll lamp serves the surveillance of the flashing lights at the trailer and shows you as the driver if these lights function correctly. Therefore, the c2 controll lamps must always be installed within the visual field  of the driver in the cockpit. It blinks in the same rythym as do the flashing lights at the trailer and thus shows you, whether or not the lamps function correctly. If it blinks faster or not at all, a malfunction is indicated and you know that the trailer lamps must be corrected for a proper functioning.

How does an electronic warning device work?

In contrast to the C2 controll lights the electronic warning device is only activated when a malfunction is taking place. If a flashing light at the trailer fails, it is noticeable for the driver due to a higher blinking frequency.