Our towbars for retrotfitting

16. Juni 2016 um 15:00

towbarsOur assortment comprises several completions of towbars. Fixed towbars, as well as detachable and swiveling towbars are manufactured in our facbrication. In our shop the towbars are listed together with fitting electrical kits and different accessoires. Also, rear cycle carriers can be bought in our shop.

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Retrofitting towbars

Not only can our towbars be easily and fast mounted, they can also easily be handled. For us it is important to make your trip with a trailer as simply as possible and without any problems. Further, design and looks are an important factor for us: Normally no intrusion in the vehicle are necessary for our towbars. If ever a cut-out must be made, we make sure it is as small as possible.

Take a look at some our products fitted to the vehicles!

Dacia Dokker Dacia Lodgy Dacia Logan MCV Dacia Sandero Stepway DSC_0085 Kia C'eed Mazda CX-5 Nissan X-Trail Renault Clio Renault-Clio-Grandtour Suzuki-SX4-S-Cross

Skoda Octavia III: Detachable towbar

5. April 2016 um 11:54

Skoda Octavia IIIThe Skoda Octavia provides plenty of space of your kit and caboodle and offers the opportunity for a great family camping vacation being used as a towing vehicle. With the help of the fitting, detachable towbar the Skoda Octavia III can easily be retrofitted.  The fitting towbar can be found in our shop: It can easily be handled and fits the design of the car.
Skoda Octavia

The benefits of the detachable towbar for Skoda Octavia III 02/13 model

  • vertically detachable towbar, MVG towbar 2040 
  • Minimal cut-out required 
  • automatic system removal by twist grip
  • automatic locking device when fitting
  • vehicle-specific eletrical kit, 13-pin, 12 Volt, rear fog lamp shutdown and parking assistance system, CAN data bus

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Technical data for detachable towbar for Skoda Octavia III 02/13 model

  • D-value: 10,4 kN
  • Towing capacity: 2000 kg
  • Trailer load: 100 kg

The detachable towbar for your Skoda Octavia III 02/13 model can be found in our MVG-shop. The item number is 3326AS.

Check out the video for our MVG-system 2040 as well:


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Your towbar in a package

29. März 2016 um 10:22

packageIn order to transport your new towbar from MVG without any damage, sufficient boxing is inevitable and, in our case, self-evident. Due to our accurate boxing system we can be sure that the towbars as well as all other products from our shop are well-hedged for transportation.


A package with your new towbar

Over all our towbars are secured at all edges: Not only is the towbar surrounded with a huge charge of carton, but also the towbar is protected within this charge on all six sides. Check out our video, it is shown how one of our colleagues packs a package.


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If the rare case occurs that a package is damaged during transport and shipping, you can find a sticker on your package. A service number is printed on it where you can reach us any time. We will clearly take care of your package in case of any damage.