A red license plate for the trailer

10. September 2023 at 15:29

A red license plateAfter we introduced you to the green number plate for your trailer a few weeks ago, of course we don’t want to withhold the red license plate from you either. What can it be used for, which characteristics can be distinguished and which advantages or disadvantages are relevant?

The use of the red license plate

Red number plates can only be used for a limited or recurring operational use, they are so-called transfer number plates. So if you only want to use a vehicle or trailer for a short, limited period of time (to allow it, for example), the red license plate is an option for you. However, you can only get the license plate from the local registration authority if you are a car manufacturer, car parts manufacturer, a car dealer or a workshop. Then the license plate is not tied to a vehicle or a trailer.

Different license plates

This license plate is characterized by the fact that red lettering is used on a white background. It consists of a distinguishing character followed by an identification number. This consists exclusively of numbers and begins with the “06” in Germany.

There are also license plates with a white background, red lettering, distinguishing signs and an identification number that begins with “07”. This is intended for vintage cars. In the case of classic cars, for example, a red license plate is relevant for participation in events. A big difference to the aforementioned license plate: The license plate for classic cars can also be issued to private individuals.

The pros and cons of the red license plate

A major advantage of the license plate is that it is not tied to a specific vehicle. It can be very practical, especially for car dealerships and workshops, to have such a license plate “at hand” when, for example, test drives or transfers have to be made.

The disadvantage is that the license plate does not meet the requirements of the 1968 International Convention on Road Traffic. Therefore it may only be used nationally and not internationally.

In the case of vintage cars, you must also ensure that the vehicle meets the general conditions for a vintage car. Otherwise, the specific license plate cannot be awarded either.