Protective plug for the towbar

29. März 2016 um 10:47

protective plug Protective plugs used to be obligatory for towbars, those plugs used to be important parts of the towbar and prevented the pollution of the housing when the detachable towbar had been removed.

In the course of a product  innovation of our detachable towbar the housing H2 has been redeveloped. Housing H2 is responsible for the automatic locking device when fitting. Most characterizing for the housig H2 is that no protective plug is needed anymore. On the contrary, a protective plug would only promote the accumulation of dirt in the housing. Hence, the locking device would be disrupted. With the H2 sleeve, it is sufficient to clean the sleeve with water when cleaning the vehicle.

How to recognize whether a protective plug is needed or not

If a protective plug is needed, a note will be published in the assembly instructions. All parts needed for your towbar are listed there. If no protective plug is listed there, none is needed for your towbar. You can also see this in the operating instructions for the ball rod for our 2020 and 2040 systems by the large red cross that marks the use of a protective plug as superfluous. All new MVG trailer hitches are equipped with the new open H2 sleeve; there are no protective plugs for trailer hitches with the H2 sleeve.

A protective plug is only necessary for the following MVG types: 0787 C, 0948 A, 3100 C, 3101 A, 3116 G, 3152 A, 3520C, 3521 A.