Checklist for mounting the rear bike carrier

18. November 2023 um 16:27

Rear bike carrierOf course, rear bike carriers are particularly suitable for transporting your bikes. What you should consider when driving with a rear bike carrier in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, can already be read in our blog post. Today we are putting together a checklist for you to assemble and set up your rear bike rack.

This is how you mount your rear bike carrier

The rear bike carriers from our shop are all mounted on the ball rod. You use a practical lever system for this: If the lever for attaching the rear bicycle carrier is moved upwards, the carrier’s mouth opens. So you can easily put the carrier on the ball bar. By lowering the lever on the rear bike carrier, you close the lock, which then grips the ball bar and secures the carrier to it.

Many rear bike carriers have additional security in the form of a lock so that the lever system can no longer be opened when locked. You can tell whether the carrier is securely mounted by the fact that the rear bicycle carrier cannot be moved to the left and right.

Important: Make sure you have a third number plate ready for the rear bike carrier.

The best way to load the rear bike carrier

Loading the rear bike rack can be cumbersome, especially e-bikes are often very heavy and unwieldy. You can make loading easier with loading ramps, these allow you not to have to lift the bike, but to be able to slide it onto the rack. You should then first attach the bike frame to the middle attachment point of the rear bike carrier. This attachment point provides the most stability and allows you to have your hands free to attach the tires. With all attachment points, make sure that the contact surface of the attachments is as large as possible and that the bike is as straight as possible.

If you always transport the same bikes, you can of course leave the settings of the attachments as they are after the first ride and save yourself the effort for the next few times.

Safety first

It will of course be easier if there are two people to load the bikes. Then one person can hold the bike on the carrier, the second person can align and fasten everything. In any case, make sure that you tighten all fasteners well and align any pre-installed protection against scratching the wheel. With many rear bike carriers, the attachments are also lockable, so you can make sure that nothing can come loose while driving.


Cleaning your towbar correctly

18. Oktober 2017 um 15:17

CleaningCleaning your towbar properly is a lot easier than one might think. Being the commodity it is, a towbar often gets dirty quite fast. Since no one enjoys dirt stains on their trousers having loaded the boot of the car, the towbar should be cleaned from time to time. Splashing it with water is often enough using the water tube or the watering can. Care products must not bei used. When greasing the trailer coupling please consider that this is not recommended whenever vibration dampers are in use. The used greasing would restrict the functionality of the dampers.

When it comes to the mounting of the detachable towbar, cleaning it with water is sufficient. The mounting has been constructed in a way where no dirt can stick to it so that no further cleaning is necessary. However, this is different concerning the socket, whose inside should not be cleaned with water. Clearly, this is not only not conducive for the electronic but also not necessary since the inside of the socket rarely gets dirty, if at all. Should  there, however, be dirt using a soft towel is best to clean the socket’s inside.