A red license plate for the trailer

10. September 2023 um 15:29

A red license plateAfter we introduced you to the green number plate for your trailer a few weeks ago, of course we don’t want to withhold the red license plate from you either. What can it be used for, which characteristics can be distinguished and which advantages or disadvantages are relevant?

The use of the red license plate

Red number plates can only be used for a limited or recurring operational use, they are so-called transfer number plates. So if you only want to use a vehicle or trailer for a short, limited period of time (to allow it, for example), the red license plate is an option for you. However, you can only get the license plate from the local registration authority if you are a car manufacturer, car parts manufacturer, a car dealer or a workshop. Then the license plate is not tied to a vehicle or a trailer.

Different license plates

This license plate is characterized by the fact that red lettering is used on a white background. It consists of a distinguishing character followed by an identification number. This consists exclusively of numbers and begins with the “06” in Germany.

There are also license plates with a white background, red lettering, distinguishing signs and an identification number that begins with „07“. This is intended for vintage cars. In the case of classic cars, for example, a red license plate is relevant for participation in events. A big difference to the aforementioned license plate: The license plate for classic cars can also be issued to private individuals.

The pros and cons of the red license plate

A major advantage of the license plate is that it is not tied to a specific vehicle. It can be very practical, especially for car dealerships and workshops, to have such a license plate „at hand“ when, for example, test drives or transfers have to be made.

The disadvantage is that the license plate does not meet the requirements of the 1968 International Convention on Road Traffic. Therefore it may only be used nationally and not internationally.

In the case of vintage cars, you must also ensure that the vehicle meets the general conditions for a vintage car. Otherwise, the specific license plate cannot be awarded either.

Green license plate for the trailer

10. Juni 2023 um 14:43

Green license plateIf you register your trailer in Germany, you usually also specify the license plate number. You have various options for your trailer – just like for your vehicle. We have summarized all information about the green license plate for you, for example under which circumstances you can get such a license plate for your trailer and what advantages you have from it.

When can you get a green license plate?

If you only want to use your trailer for a specific purpose, then the green license plate offers an advantage. A specific purpose would be, for example, if you as a farmer use a trailer for transporting animals, or if you have a trailer only for transporting sports equipment, such as a trailer for a boat or canoe. Due to the specific purposes, you can get the green license plate and the trailer is exempt from vehicle tax. You still need liability insurance for your trailer.

When choosing the green license plate, however, it is important that you are really only allowed to use the trailer for the specified and designated purpose. You are not allowed to use the trailer from our example (approved for transporting sports equipment) for a move, unless you are only transporting the sports equipment mentioned before when moving. If you use your trailer for another purpose and disregard the conditions, then you are committing tax evasion, since the trailer with the green license plate is tax-exempt. If you want to use the trailer for another purpose, you must register the trailer with a normal, black number plate, as trailers with a black number plate are subject to tax and insurance.

This is how you get your license plate

In order to get the green number plate for your trailer, you first have to be exempted from vehicle tax at the tax office or customs for this purpose. You must also take out liability insurance for the trailer. If you have these documents including the confirmation of the tax exemption, then you must present these documents to the responsible registration authority and will receive your green license plate there.

Important: Make sure that you need a few other documents for your visit at the registration authority. You should bring your identity card or passport, your confirmation of registration, the vehicle registration document and vehicle title and also have the eVB number ready as valid insurance confirmation. You may also need proof of the main inspection. If the trailer has been registered before, you must also bring the black number plates with you.

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Sports trailers: Special trailers for your trailer ride

18. Juni 2022 um 15:04

TrailersDepending on the purpose for which you are traveling with a trailer, you need a special model. For example, sports trailers are a special category that you can use to transport animals, motorcycles, boats or gliders. Special provisions apply to these special trailers with regard to the intended use, license plate number or insurance.

License plate and main inspection for your trailer

While it used to be no problem if you were driving a trailer without an official license plate back in the days, today you risk a fine. Since the early 1990s, all sports trailers have had to have an official license plate and therefore also have to be regularly subjected to the main inspection, which is usually due every two years. Many sports trailers have a green license plate, this is handed out if the trailer only serves a single, specific purpose. You can probably expect a green license plate for a trailer for a glider, while a black license plate is often used for horse trailers.

Before you set off with your sports trailer, you should make sure that you have the following documents with you: On the one hand, you need the trailer operating license and, on the other hand, the test report from the general inspection. The certificate from the registration office is also important and is checked during a traffic check.

Sports trailers and their use

Most sports trailers may only be used and are only approved for their originally intended purpose. Therefore, the green license plate is usually used for these trailers. An exception can be the horse trailer, for example. You have the choice and can also use a different license plate and thus expand the use. If you rent a sports trailer from someone, then be sure to check the license plate number of the trailer before driving. If you are driving with a green license plate and misuse the trailer, then you must expect the consequences in the event of an inspection.

Also pay attention to the speed at which you are traveling. Most trailers are allowed 80 km/h on German motorways, but you can apply for a 100 km/h permit. All information about the 100 km/h sticker can be found in our blog post.

On the safe side: Liability for special trailers

If you are traveling with the trailer and it is coupled to the towing vehicle, the liability insurance of the towing vehicle will usually also cover possible damage. However, if the trailer becomes detached from the towing vehicle or, for example, moves away from its parking position or slips, then the liability insurance of the towing vehicle no longer applies. It is therefore advisable to take out special liability insurance for the trailer.

The license plate for the rear bicycle carrier

26. September 2018 um 9:23

license plate
If you are traveling with a rear bike rack, you must also have a license plate number for your rear bike rack. This is a so-called sequential indicator. It does not differ from your license plate and is basically a duplicate.

That’s why you need a license plate for the rear bike carrier

Such a sequential indicator is always important if the existing is concealed on the vehicle. This can be the case, for example, by loading with a transport box for the trailer hitch or just with the widespread rear bicycle carriers. It does not matter if the rear bike rack covers everything or if it is still partially visible, you must always plan a follow-on license plate when using a rear-wheel carrier. It’s best to pay attention when buying the carrier that it also has a license plate holder so that you can mount the required license plate as well. In many countries, the absence of the successor mark is punishable, so it is important to be prepared before going to Switzerland for example26. Also in Austria you should prepare yourself and assemble your successor license plate on the rear bicycle carrier. Basically, a missing license plate can also be punished in Germany.

Also make sure that the lights on the vehicle are often covered by the transporting bicycles. In road traffic, the other road users can not see your taillights and turn signals so it is important to use a lighted rear bike carrier.


Get a follow-up license plate for your rear bike carrier

If you buy a rear bike carrier, you should get the following number plate immediately. Since this requires no stamping, you can usually save long waiting times. Just have your license plate duplicated at your local contact point, as a rule a number of providers are based at the Traffic Office, so you can get the license plate there at short notice. The waiting times on site are individual, but usually very low. Often ordering on the Internet is no problem, so you even save the way to the office.