Detachable towbar for Dacia Jogger

3. January 2023 at 12:19

Dacia Jogger

The Dacia Jogger inspires as the latest compact model and offers plenty of space for children and cones. So that the Jogger can also be used for driving with the trailer, a suitable trailer hitch is a must-have.

We have now developed the right towbar for the new Dacia model: Our trailer hitch can be easily retrofitted and is equipped with the MVG 2040 automatic system. This is operated using a rotary wheel, the handling is done in a few simple steps. The detachable trailer hitch also does not interfere with the look of the new Dacia.

The benefits of the detachable towbar for Dacia Jogger 04/2022 model

  • vertically detachable towbar, MVG towbar 2040 
  • No visible cut-out required 
  • automatic system removal by twist grip
  • automatic locking device when fitting

Technical data for detachable towbar

  • D-value: 7,5 kN
  • Towing capacity: 1284 kg
  • Trailer load: 90 kg

The detachable towbar for your Dacia Jogger 04/2022 model can be found in our MVG-shop. The item number is 0985 AS.


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