Our towbars for electric and hybrid vehicles (Part 2)

18. January 2024 at 10:59

So that your hybrid or electric vehicles can also be used to tow a trailer, you can retrofit a trailer hitch at any time. This works with our products in just a few steps. Ease of use for you as a user is even more important to us than uncomplicated installation.

Notice this: Before you buy your trailer hitch for your hybrid or electric vehicle, be sure to get information from the vehicle manufacturer. Although trailer hitches are only developed for vehicles that also have registered trailer loads and are therefore approved as towing vehicles by the manufacturer, there is still no harm in a consultation in which you can clarify, for example, how high the trailer loads are or whether the vehicle in question is suitable for your purposes fits. For example, the range of your electric vehicle can change significantly when driving with the trailer.

For retrofitting the current Mazda, Nissan and Jeep models, we present our trailer hitches for an uncomplicated trailer ride below.


Jeep Wrangler MVG towbarThe trailer hitch for the Jeep Wrangler 4xe PHEV

The Jeep Wrangler 4xe PHEV from year of construction 2021 is an electric vehicle, as it says in the book. To become a towing vehicle, we have a practical detachable trailer hitch. Our towbar does not interfere with the modern design of Jeep’s stylish electric vehicle. The detachable hitch is operated by the MVG automatic system 2040 using a rotary wheel.

The values ​​of the towbar at a glance:

Towing capacity 1694 kg

Trailer load 120 kg

D value 9.5 kN

Retrofit the Jeep RenegadeJeep Renegade MVG towbar

Also for the Jeep Renegade from 07/2014 to 09/2018 we offer the right one towbar for hybrid models. Our trailer hitch is detachable, the system is operated via a rotary wheel. The required bumper cover is included in the delivery.

The values ​​of the towbar at a glance:

Towing capacity 1546 kg

Trailer load 80 kg

D value 8.7 kN

Jeep Compass MVG towbarThe Jeep Compass from 12/2016 with trailer hitch

In our range you will find towbars for both, the Jeep Compass Hybrid as well as for the Jeep Compass 4xe. Our trailer hitch for retrofitting is detachable, the ball rod can be removed by operating a rotary wheel. Unfortunately, the trailer hitch does not fit vehicles with a factory bumper cutout. With our trailer hitch, no visible changes to the Jeep’s appearance are required.

The values ​​of the towbar at a glance:

Towing capacity 1200 kg

Trailer load 110 kg

D value 10.4 kN

The Mazda CX-60 from 2022 as a towing vehicle with a suitable trailer hitchMazda CX-60 MVG towbar

For the Mazda CX-60 you will find a practical trailer coupling for retrofitting with us. Thanks to the MVG automatic system 2040, the detachable trailer hitch is easy to use, and the towbar can be removed in just a few simple steps when not in use. The hitch does not interfere with the look of the SUV and is also suitable for vehicles with an electric tailgate with hands-free control.

The values ​​of the towbar at a glance:

towing capacity 2500 kg

Trailer load 130 kg

D value 13 kN

Nissan X-Trail MVG towbarEquip the Nissan X-Trail (T33) from 2022 onwards 

The Nissan X-Trail (T33) is a modern SUV that follows its predecessor, you can also find the matching trailer hitch for retrofitting in our shop. This also fits ePower models and does not interfere with the look of the SUV. The trailer hitch impresses with its ease of use.

The values ​​of the towbar at a glance:

Towing capacity 2183 kg

Trailer load 100 kg

D value 10.5 kN