Green license plate for the trailer

10. Juni 2023 um 14:43

Green license plateIf you register your trailer in Germany, you usually also specify the license plate number. You have various options for your trailer – just like for your vehicle. We have summarized all information about the green license plate for you, for example under which circumstances you can get such a license plate for your trailer and what advantages you have from it.

When can you get a green license plate?

If you only want to use your trailer for a specific purpose, then the green license plate offers an advantage. A specific purpose would be, for example, if you as a farmer use a trailer for transporting animals, or if you have a trailer only for transporting sports equipment, such as a trailer for a boat or canoe. Due to the specific purposes, you can get the green license plate and the trailer is exempt from vehicle tax. You still need liability insurance for your trailer.

When choosing the green license plate, however, it is important that you are really only allowed to use the trailer for the specified and designated purpose. You are not allowed to use the trailer from our example (approved for transporting sports equipment) for a move, unless you are only transporting the sports equipment mentioned before when moving. If you use your trailer for another purpose and disregard the conditions, then you are committing tax evasion, since the trailer with the green license plate is tax-exempt. If you want to use the trailer for another purpose, you must register the trailer with a normal, black number plate, as trailers with a black number plate are subject to tax and insurance.

This is how you get your license plate

In order to get the green number plate for your trailer, you first have to be exempted from vehicle tax at the tax office or customs for this purpose. You must also take out liability insurance for the trailer. If you have these documents including the confirmation of the tax exemption, then you must present these documents to the responsible registration authority and will receive your green license plate there.

Important: Make sure that you need a few other documents for your visit at the registration authority. You should bring your identity card or passport, your confirmation of registration, the vehicle registration document and vehicle title and also have the eVB number ready as valid insurance confirmation. You may also need proof of the main inspection. If the trailer has been registered before, you must also bring the black number plates with you.

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