When is an activation required for retrofitting?

8. November 2018 at 11:10

Activation of the electrical kit
In order to ensure that the towing vehicle later communicates correctly with the trailer and that the lighting equipment does its job without error, the correct installation of the electrical kit with an activation is important. This should best be done by a specialist, especially with regard to the ever more complex electronics of the vehicles.

Activation is required above all for newer vehicles equipped with a CAN data bus. The activation must be carried out properly to ensure the complete functions of the electrical kit at the next trailer travel. Often notes regarding the retrofitting and activation of the electrical kit are given  in the operating instructions of the vehicle manufacturer, in the specialist workshop, the responsible staff usually knows how to perform the programming and unlocking and are equipped with the necessary funds.


What happens if the activation of electrical kits is not done?

If you do not let the electrical kit unlock, it will be difficult with the trailer. After all, all flashing and light functions on the trailer are important for safe driving with the trailer in order to be able to participate safely in traffic. These functions can only work properly by unlocking. For example, this ensures that the rear fog lamp is switched off when the trailer is being used on the vehicle and that it works on the trailer. If the activation does not take place, both rear fog lights shine. Often when driving with the trailer there are acoustic and electronic signals, for example when flashing. These will also be eliminated if your electrical kit is not installed correctly, but this is more likely to involve electrical kits with audible or electronic flashers.

The warning functions of electrical kits: C2 controll lamp and warning devices

4. June 2018 at 13:45

C2 controll lampEvery obstructed electrical kit offers the opportunity of being warned in case of a dysfunction, using a C2 controll lamp or another warning device. If, for example, a flashing light is broken at the trailer, your car will behave different than usual and the indicator lamp will indicate the malfunction and give a warning. We are going to explain to you, which indications there are, how they are shown with different eletrical kits and what you have to know about indicator lamps. Of course, these functions and indications suit legal regulations, which serve your security and must be taken into consideration already during developing and conceptualising the electrical kits.

Which tasks does a C2 controll lamp have?

A C2 controll lamp serves the surveillance of the flashing lights at the trailer and shows you as the driver if these lights function correctly. Therefore, the c2 controll lamps must always be installed within the visual field  of the driver in the cockpit. It blinks in the same rythym as do the flashing lights at the trailer and thus shows you, whether or not the lamps function correctly. If it blinks faster or not at all, a malfunction is indicated and you know that the trailer lamps must be corrected for a proper functioning.

How does an electronic warning device work?

In contrast to the C2 controll lights the electronic warning device is only activated when a malfunction is taking place. If a flashing light at the trailer fails, it is noticeable for the driver due to a higher blinking frequency.

Check controll for the electrical kit – what is it and how does it work?

25. April 2018 at 12:17

check controllThe term check controll is omnipresent, especially when it comes to the electronics of a car. But what does the term stand for and what does it mean? The surveillance of the lamps and their proper functioning is labelled as check controll system, the system is part of the vehicle’s on-board electronics. It serves as a controlling mechanism of different vehicle’s functions, part of those are the full beam, stop lights and rear fog-lamps. If these lights and lamps fail, the driver is informed due to the systems optical indications. Hence, the indications can also be digital informations of the board computer.

What must be payed attention to concerning vehicles’ check controll?

A vehicle’s electronics are not only complicated but also finely calibrated, therefore, even small interventions can have a huge impact. For vehicle’s which entail check controll the electrical kit must hence be conceptualized in a way that ensures the tap of the lighting functions before the lamp test device takes place.

A different solution is to use an electrical kit with a special trailer control device, where lamp currents are generated for the trailer from the vehicle battery out. Incidentally, such a cable set is also strongly recommended for vehicles with too small cable cross-sections (<0.752). We already pay close attention to this when designing and developing our electrical kits. So you just have to make sure when buying that the electrical kit is suitable for vehicles with check-control.

Electric kits with trailer control unit MVG-type 4112

Our electric kits, which are fitted with a trailer control unit of the MVG-Type 4112, are ideally suited for vehicles with check-control and / or with insufficient cable cross-sections (<0.752). You also benefit from the following product advantages:

  • Short-circuit proof outputs of the trailer lighting functions
  • Suitable for both LED and incandescent trailers
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Monitoring of the charging line / charging active with the engine running and a light function
  • Made in Germany