Cut-outs for the towbar

29. March 2016 at 10:29

cut-outsBefore buying a towbar, a lot of research is done. In an ideal situation, one finds a towbar which is not only convenient but also easy in handling, and at the same time matches the design of the car and fits perfectly. Many towbars require encroachments in the design of the car, such as cut-outs in the bumper or the like. This is different with MVG-towbars.


Retrofitting without cut-outs

MVG-towbars are designed without any cut-outs and do not interfere with the car design or the bumpers. On the contrary, every knee-joint bar as well as the system are flexibely adjusted to the car and can be installed without cut-outs concerning the car in most cases. This in due to the fact that MVG-systems do not collidate with the bumper but are constructed around the bumper.

In our video you can see an example of one of the few cars where an irreducable cut-out is needed. Normally, cut-outs are not needed for MVG-towbars.

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More Information

If a cut-out is thus needed, bumper cut-out covers are included in the delivery. Depending on the MVG-type there are different covers which unobtrusively match the design of your car.

All covers can be found in the onlineshop.