Donation handover to the St. Josef House in Eschweiler

21. Dezember 2023 um 12:50

 Donation handover Haus St. Josef

Christmas time is also a time to do something good for others. We make a contribution to society every year, make others happy and get involved locally. This year we are supporting the Haus St. Josef in Eschweiler with a donation.

Haus St. Josef, founded in 1889, is a facility for children and young people which is particularly close to our hearts. As a children’s home, it offers various options for children and young people: A total of 100 children are currently living in inpatient residential groups, five of the eleven residential groups are housed in the residential buildings on site. Between six and nine children are living together in a residential group. Mr. Robert Wagner, managing director of Haus St. Josef, says: “We enable the children to have as normal an everyday life as possible; they experience community and at the same time have a place to retreat. Nowadays, almost all rooms avaiable for the kids are only single rooms; when the children’s home was founded, rooms for 6 children were still normal. Today we no longer only use our main house, but we also have outsourced properties, such as a farm.”

Diverse opportunities for children, young people and families thanks to Haus St. Josef

Donation handover Haus St. Josef

Not only has the layout and size of Haus St. Josef changed since it was founded by the nuns over 130 years ago, but so have the offerings. Apart from the children’s homes, there are also day-care and outpatient options, where children can be cared for. In the day-time part, the children spend their afternoon after school in Haus St. Hosef, in so-called day groups. “We pick up the children for the day groups at lunchtime after school and then they stay with us until the evening. This offers them a regular daily routine. Children who have problems in the family and need a break from everyday family life usually come to our day groups,” explains Robert Wagner.

The aim of the child, youth and family welfare is of course primarily to ensure that children do not have to leave their families. The outpatient offer is primarily aimed at families, children and parents who have problems at home and would like to get them under control together with professional help of the Haus St. Josef staff in their own homes. Around 100 families are currently looked after by Haus St. Josef throughout the city region. In addition, Haus St. Josef is also involved in organizing open all-day schooling at 10 schools in the Aachen city region. “We look after around 1,400 students at schools in Herzogenrath, Würselen, Eschweiler and Aachen,” explains Managing Director Wagner.

Support for special projects

The approximately 320 employees of Haus St. Josef Donation handover Haus St. Josefdo very important and very valuable, and unfortunately often very difficult, work, which we are happy to support with our donation. Mr. Wagner says: “We use donations like those from MVG to implement projects with and for children which are not included in normal care. Memberships in sports clubs, a new climbing frame or a soccer goal, equestrian therapy or excursions are examples of this.”

We would like to thank Mr. Wagner and the Haus St. Josef for the exciting and interesting insights on site and look forward to being able to continue following the development of the children’s home in the future.


Would you like to find out more? Then take a look at the Haus St. Josef website!