Cleaning your towbar correctly

18. Oktober 2017 um 15:17

CleaningCleaning your towbar properly is a lot easier than one might think. Being the commodity it is, a towbar often gets dirty quite fast. Since no one enjoys dirt stains on their trousers having loaded the boot of the car, the towbar should be cleaned from time to time. Splashing it with water is often enough using the water tube or the watering can. Care products must not bei used. When greasing the trailer coupling please consider that this is not recommended whenever vibration dampers are in use. The used greasing would restrict the functionality of the dampers.

When it comes to the mounting of the detachable towbar, cleaning it with water is sufficient. The mounting has been constructed in a way where no dirt can stick to it so that no further cleaning is necessary. However, this is different concerning the socket, whose inside should not be cleaned with water. Clearly, this is not only not conducive for the electronic but also not necessary since the inside of the socket rarely gets dirty, if at all. Should  there, however, be dirt using a soft towel is best to clean the socket’s inside.


Make your towbar fit for the upcoming winter month

19. Oktober 2016 um 14:53

WinterWhen the winter months are coming closer one has to prepare some of the tools used on a regular basis. Like the outdoor furniture the towbar must be prepared for the colder months as well. While a fixed towbar can not really be prepared, a detachable towbar should always be detached if not in use. Then, a cleaning is recommended as well as packing the towbar in the provided bag.
Especially during the winter months dirt as well as road salt badger the towbar, which is regularly fixed deep down under the car. Hence, the towbar will be better preserved in the provided bag than unused but still detached to the car on a regular basis. Please note that the towbar must be secured in the boot even if the bag is used. Hereby damages can be prevented.