The detachable towbar – pay attention to these points when operating

9. September 2020 um 9:45

detachable towbarIf you have retrofitted a detachable towbar from us to your car, then you have decided on a product that, if possible, does not interfere with the look of your vehicle and can also be operated easily and easily. Nevertheless, we would like to explain a few steps to you once, in the video we introduce you to everything you need to know about the detachable towbar in the MVG system 2040.

Assembly and disassembly of the trailer hitch

To assemble and start up the towbar, insert the ball rod vertically into the mount from below. The ball bar usually locks automatically, you can hear that clearly. In addition to the click sound, you can also see it on the handwheel that jumps to the green mark. Once this has been done, you can lock the removable ball bar with the lock, so that the towbar cannot be disassembled or stolen. If you want to remove the ball bar again, you first unlock the ball bar. Then you put one hand on the ball bar and one on the handwheel, which can be found on the right of the ball bar. You then have to pull this handwheel to the side, i.e. to the right away from the ball rod, and then turn it backwards. The lock then releases and the ball rod can be removed from the holder downwards.

Assembly not working?

So you pretension the detachable towbar If the assembly does not work as described above, take the ball rod out of the holder again and check whether a silver bolt protrudes from the ball rod at the top. If this is the case, then the ball rod cannot be mounted in this way because it is not preloaded and the locking mechanism cannot therefore work. In order to then pretension the ball bar, you best place it on the floor or on a table. Place it so that the handwheel is facing up. Then you fix the ball bar with one hand and raise the rotary wheel with the other hand. In this position, turn it backwards until the silver bolt disappears into the ball rod and remains there. Then the trailer coupling is pre-tensioned and can be reassembled as usual. If assembly does not work as usual and pretensioning is not possible, then please do not use any tools. The best thing to do is to get in touch with us shortly, we can advise you by phone and give you information whether, for example, a ball rod has to be sent in.

Before or after driving the trailer

Before installing your towbar, you should always check again and again whether the receptacle of the removable towbar is dirty. Especially after driving in rough terrain or through mud puddles you should take a look inside. If the intake is contaminated, it is usually sufficient to simply rinse it out with the water hose. A protective plug is no longer required for most current towbars. If you do not need the towbar, then remove the ball rod. This is especially important for your insurance companies or if you are involved in an accident. Even if you misjudge when parking or driving against a wall, for example, this can have an impact on the ball rod and the liability. The removed ball rod is best stored in the trunk. We always provide you with a bag in which you can safely stow the ball rod and additionally protect your trunk from dirt. It is best to stow the detachable towbar so that it cannot slide back and forth and is instead firmly in one place. The best place in the trunk is often where the first-aid kit is also stored.


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