How to transport your bikes with bike carriers

16. March 2020 at 8:44

license plateThere are a number of things to consider when riding with bike carriers, which is why we have put together the most important information for you so that you can not only transport your bikes comfortably with your vehicle, but also safely and correctly.

The bicycle has become an important part of our society. Many use the two-wheelers for short distances to escape the heavy city traffic and to get faster from A to B. For some, cycling is the most popular sport and furthermore it is often used for longer distances. With the beginning of spring, there is of course the opportunity for a bike tour on vacation or short break. But before you can get started, you should first clarify which type of bike carrier is suitable for your car, because not every model can be mounted on every vehicle.

Roof carrier

With a wheel track for the roof rack, you can transport up to four or, depending on the space, more bicycles on the vehicle roof. You can attach and remove the roof rack at any time by yourself on the vehicle roof – usually it is attached to the roof rack. Note that you have to lift the bikes up and down on the roof of the vehicle. The additional cargo on the roof shifts the center of gravity of your vehicle upwards, offers greater air resistance and is more susceptible to cross winds.

Rear bike carrier

One of the most practical possibilities of transportation are rear bike carriers, which are easy to install on the vehicle without much effort. For a rear bike rack you need a trailer hitch, the carrier is then attached to the head of the trailer hitch. When loading the carrier, you should always observe the permissible guidelines for your vehicle and the rear bicycle carrier. In our shop you will find the right rear bike carriers in various designs for up to four bicycles.

You should consider…

When driving with a rear bike carrier, get off the gas. ADAC recommends a top speed of 120 km / h. If the carrier or the bicycles attached to it hide the vehicle’s lights, you should definitely purchase a rear bike carrier that has taillights itself. Alternatively, you can attach additional brake lights to the rack so that you remain visible. If the vehicle’s lights are covered, you must expect a fine of € 20. In some cases, racks and / or bicycles can also hide the license plate, in this case you will need to get a second license plate and attach it to your bike rack. Anyone who cannot show a visible license plate at a police check must expect a fine of € 60. Movable objects such as bicycle baskets or child seats should be stowed inside the vehicle to minimize the safety risk while driving.

The Easter holidays in Germany will start in a few weeks and if you are planning a bike tour on the way, you should inform yourself beforehand about the country-specific features of the destination. The same applies to transit countries and places. As in Austria, a special license plate on the bike carrier is mandatory in Italy and Spain, for example.

In our shop we offer you various rear cycle carriers, just have a look!

Understanding the assembly instructions correctly

21. June 2019 at 11:54

assembly instructions For the attachment of your trailer hitch or also with the electrical kit we are always sending you an assembly instruction. These instructions explain, how your AHK and / or electrical kit must be put into operation. To help you understand we use pictograms to explain steps or comments, which repeatedly appear in the instructions. In the following paragraphs we are explaining the signs und pictures to you.

Signs and pictures in the assembly instructions of MVG

Montageanleitung MVG WarnhinweisAn old familiar, even from other areas, is probably the warning. We use a triangle with an exclamation point in it to alert you to the need for extra care and careful attention.

We give you directions and positions using different arrows. We show specific points on the vehicle or show you attachment points for the AHK. It is important to pay close attention to the position arrows.Montageanleitung MVG Positionspfeil

Montageanleitung MVG PfeileYou will always see two arrows pointing towards each other in our assembly instructions. These are used when you need to connect or disconnect something. This is especially common in electrical kits when your cable needs to be connected.

With the towbars and their instrucion manuals, you are more likely to find a hand with a pin. This will tell you that you have to draw something in pencil, which will be the case especially if you need to make small changes to the bumper, for example.Montageanleitung MVG Stift

Montageanleitung MVG MülleimerBesides, you will also find a trashcan that tells you that you can dispose something. You may also find this sometimes with the electric sets.


In connection with cutouts on the bumper, you will also find a deburrer in the installation instructions, with which you must then deburr the cutout as cleanly as possible. Otherwise, the risk of injury from small chips is high. Also, the file is important in this context and often has to be used in cutouts on the bumper.Montageanleitung MVG Entgrater und Feile

Montageanleitung MVG Zu Zweit ArbeitenIn addition to the deburrer and the file, a drawing with two persons carrying something is also important when attaching the trailer hitch in accordance to the instruction manual. This pictogram indicates that you should work in pairs, for example when removing the rear apron. This is much easier for two, with fewer accidents happening at the same time.

The wrench with screw and the drill show you that you have to tighten something or use the drill to drill holes. The spatula is used whenever you need to remove the underbody protection.

Montageanleitung MVG Anschrauben

Montageanleitung MVG Eimer und CleanerIf you have to protect something against corrosion, we noted a small bucket in the assembly instructions for you. If something needs to be cleaned, you will see two hands with a rag and a bottle labeled “Cleaner”. You can then apply both to the appropriate place.

We still have two last pictograms for you: An eye that is displayed with either two question marks or a book. The question marks refer you to a picture and mean something along the lines of “seeMontageanleitung MVG Verweis illustration “, the book represents the workshop manual and refers you to this.

You have further questions about the attachment of towbar and electrical kit or to an assembly instructions? Then please browse through our FAQ, where we will answer you the common questions. If you have another question, feel free to contact us anytime!