Detachable towbar for Jeep Avenger

13. June 2024 at 14:47

Jeep Avenger

As the latest model from Jeep, the Jeep Avenger now impresses as a large SUV for the whole family and as a powerful partner for towing a trailer. The Jeep Avenger from 2023 can be converted into a towing vehicle at any time with the retrofittable trailer hitch.

Our range also includes a suitable trailer hitch for retrofitting the Jeep Avenger. Our trailer hitch is removable and does not interfere with the look of the SUV. The trailer hitch is easy to use and can be removed in just a few steps when not in use.

Jeep Avenger


The benefits of the detachable towbar for Jeep Avenger from 2023

  • vertically detachable towbar, MVG towbar 2040 
  • no cut-out required by using the original cut-out
  • automatic system removal by twist grip
  • automatic locking device when fitting
  • easy handling

Technical data for detachable towbar for Jeep Avenger from 2023

  • D-value: 7,5 kN
  • Towing capacity: 1221 kg
  • Trailer load: 75 kg

The towbar for your Jeep Avenger from 2023 can be found in our MVG-shop. The item number is 0852 A. In addition, you will also find the right electrical kit for retrofitting your Jeep in the shop.

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