Donation handover to the Eschweiler Tafel e.V.

12. Dezember 2022 um 10:50

MVG Spende Eschweiler TafelAs in previous years, we are also making a social contribution this year and are committed to a good cause locally. A few days ago we handed over this year’s donation to the Eschweiler Tafel e.V. and are happy to be able to support the work of the Eschweiler Tafel directly on site. When we got to know each other on site, we were able to get an impression of the work of the Eschweiler Tafel e.V. and were warmly welcomed and shown around by the first chairwoman, Mrs. Schmaling, and the second chairman, Mr. Lamour.

The Eschweiler Tafel e.V. is one of 930 food banks nationwide that are committed to helping the socially and economically disadvantaged and providing them with food. Mrs. Schmaling, as the first chairwoman of the association, says: „We are dependent on donations for our work, both food and financial donations. We are particularly pleased about the donation from MVG.“

The work of the Eschweiler Tafel e.V. on site

MVG Spende Eschweiler TafelThe Eschweiler Tafel e.V. collects food donations for the needy and passes them on directly in their local offices. The Tafel is currently open three days a week and looks after at least 400 recipients on these days. „We have a check card system, an individual can be registered on a check card, or even whole families,“ explains Karin Schmaling as the first chairwoman. In order to get a card, the recipients have to prove their need and then receive heavily discounted groceries. Above all, people with low incomes or pensioners benefit from this, as do refugees or homeless people.

To collect the groceries, several drivers are constantly on duty and bring goods to the Eschweiler Tafel up to three times a day. The food is then sorted on site and made available to customers. The employees of the Eschweiler Tafel e.V. are all volunteers, Mrs. Schmaling says: „We have enough employees to provide a team every day, unfortunately there is currently a lack of goods.“ The commitment of the employees is remarkable and goes beyond the work on the premises of the Tafel. The employees of the Tafel worked tirelessly even after the floods in the summer of 2021, which severely affected the city of Eschweiler: „We distributed the food on the street in the affected areas immediately after the floods to help and reach as many people as possible.“MVG Spende Eschweiler Tafel

The demand at the Eschweiler Tafel e.V. is high, so the Tafel could even open five days a week. The problem: „We don’t have enough food donations, so unfortunately we can only open on three days at the moment,“ regrets Schmaling. The groceries are donated by local supermarkets, wholesale markets and shops, private individuals often drop off goods as well.

Would you like to learn more about the work of the Eschweiler Tafel e.V. or even get involved yourself? Find out more on the association’s website (in German).