The Tempo 100 permit: What you need to know about the badge

12. Oktober 2020 um 7:29

Tempo 100 permit

You can normally drive 80 km/h with a trailer. This is the maximum speed, which is particularly important for driving outside built-up areas and on the motorway. Of course, the prescribed speeds of the road traffic regulations always apply. In exceptional cases, despite the restriction to 80 km/h for teams according to the Road Traffic Regulations, it is possible to increase the speed for driving with a trailer to 100 km/h.

Why is the speed limit important?

The regulation of the speed when driving with a trailer is very important since the trailer clearly influences some factors in driving. A team rolls or spins faster than a normal car, for example. The breaking distance is also significantly influenced and extended by the additional weight. You should always keep this in mind, especially when you apply for the badge and get a Tempo 100 sticker.

Tempo 100 permit: What you need to know

With the Tempo 100 permit it is allowed to drive up to 100 km/h with a trailer. After the changes to the 9th Exceptional Ordinance to the Road Traffic Regulations in Germany, the badge is no longer related to the combination of the towing vehicle and the trailer. The badges had previously been issued for a team of vehicle and trailer, so that it was not possible, for example, to drive the trailer with another vehicle at 100 km/h.

In ordert to get a badge, you have to meet a few requirements: Of course, the trailer must be designed for a speed of 100 km/h and be roadworthy. The tires of the trailer should have at least a speed index of L and an approval for 120 km/h. The tires must not be older than six years.

In addition, the total mass of the trailer must be less than or at most equal to the permissible trailer load and must not exceed the permissible total mass of the towing vehicle. The drawbar load is also an important factor. This is based on the greatest possible vertical load of the towing vehicle or trailer, the lower limit applies as the respective lower value. Finally, the Tempo 100 badge including the seal of the road traffic authority must be attached to the back of the trailer. The manufacturer already indicates whether these points are met in newer vehicles and trailers. If this is not the case, you can, for example, have an expert opinion drawn up by the TÜV, which confirms that the required criteria have been met. You will then receive the badge, which you must then attach to the trailer and which has to be additionally sealed by the road traffic office. The permit to travel at 100 km/h must also be entered in the papers.