The CAN data bus for the electrical kit

3. March 2018 at 17:56

CAN data busThe term CAN data bus stands for the words Controller Area Network. If a vehicle is equipped with a modern CAN data bus, the information exchange within the on-board network of the vehicle does not take place as usual in analog, but instead in a digital way. If you want to use the system of the CAN bus, for example, to reduce assembly costs, the electrical kit must also have a CAN trailer control unit. Only then can all lighting functions required in trailer operation be functionally controlled.

The assembly of the electrical kit should be done best in the workshop, as some vehicles require an activation of the vehicle electronics for trailer operation.

You should also pay attention to this with the CAN data bus

It is important for you that you first make sure that your car has a CAN data bus. If this is the case, you must always make sure when buying the electrical kit that this has a corresponding suspension module. Make sure that a universal electrical kit can not be used on vehicles with CAN and that you are well advised by the sellers.